LIFE Oak Processionary

Monitoring & Socio-economic study

Measuring the impact of the ecological management techniques.
Gaining insight in the costs caused by the oak processionary caterpillar.


The monitoring aspect aims to measure the impact of the various ecological control methods we are testing within the project. We would particularly like to establish the effect of applying the various techniques to: 

  • the number and size of oak processionary nests
  • the number of health issues
  • quantities of biocides (insecticides) used to tackle the oak processionary

Socio-economic study

In order to gain insight into the costs caused by plagues of the oak processionary caterpillar, a socio-economic impact study will be carried out in this project.

We wil try to determine the costs incurred due to infestations of the oak processionary and we will do a cost-effectiveness analysis of the different methods used to control the oak processionary caterpillar.