Looking back at our first demonstration events

Over the past two weeks, we have organized demonstration events at our test locations in the provinces of Antwerp (BE), Limburg (BE), Noord-Brabant (NL) and Sittard-Geleen (NL).

Under the direction of the local coordinators, interested parties were able to come and visit some of our field sites. Depending on the local situation, the focus of the excursions was either on explaining the project plans and informing local residents or on exchanging experiences and knowledge with local authorities, environmental services, contractors, etc. The first measurement results were also presented.

A total of 80 participants were introduced to our experimental trials, in which we investigate to what extent natural enemies can reduce the nuisance caused by the oak processionary caterpillar. We also told about the ecology and life cycle of various parasites (parasitic wasps and parasitic flies) and the oak processionary butterfly.

Because images often tell more than words, we share a mood video and some photos below.

The next demonstration moments will probably take place in May 2022, a period in which processionary caterpillars, as well as tits and parasites are in action.

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